Where can I purchase a Toys & Gifts collection product?

Our toys are available in all sorts of places!

In the US, you can find them in-store at Walmart, and online at Walmart.com and Amazon.com, as well as at select independent toy retailers.

In the UK you can find them online and in-store at My Design Co.

In Australia, you can find them at Hobby Headquarters.

If you are in another region, you will still be able to find our collection online at Amazon.com.

You can find the PNP Storybook online and in select bookstores in France and Canada.

Please note: If you have any issues with your Toys & Gifts collection purchase, shipment or delivery, or if you want to return your toy, please contact the retailer you purchased your toy from. The elves aren't able to handle issues like this for the retailer who sold you your toy.

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