Toys & Gift Collection

  • What is the Toys & Gift Collection?

    The Toys & Gifts Collection is a line of physical products from the creators of Portable North Pole. Santa's Craftician elves have been hard at work creating a collection designed to promote the positive values of the holiday season.

    Every product comes with an exclusive personalized video message straight from Santa himself! From huggable plush reindeer to a storybook adventure, you can bring the enchantment of Portable North Pole home to your family with a gift from the Toy Workshop this Christmas!

    See where you can get one today! LINK

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  • Where do I find the code for the Toy video associated with my product?

    Attention grown-ups! Keep this information safe from little ones!

    There is a special code hidden inside the product you purchased. Please look through the packaging to find the code.

    For most of our items, this is found in the swing tag. However a few of the items are a little different:

    For the Do-Good Elf, you will find the tag with your special code inside the passport.
    In the letter to Santa kit and the Puzzle, you will find the tag with your special code inside the box.
    In the Storybook the code is on the back of the packaging sleeve.

    If you lost your code, please contact the elves HERE.

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  • Where can I purchase a Toys & Gifts collection product?

    Our toys are available in all sorts of places!

    In the US, you can find them in-store at Walmart, and online at and, as well as at select independent toy retailers.

    In the UK you can find them online and in-store at My Design Co.

    In Australia, you can find them at Hobby Headquarters.

    If you are in another region, you will still be able to find our collection online at

    You can find the PNP Storybook online and in select bookstores in France and Canada.

    Please note: If you have any issues with your Toys & Gifts collection purchase, shipment or delivery, or if you want to return your toy, please contact the retailer you purchased your toy from. The elves aren't able to handle issues like this for the retailer who sold you your toy.

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  • How do I get my Toys & Gifts video?

    Attention grown-ups! Keep this information safe from the little ones!

    Every Portable North Pole product comes with an exclusive personalized video message straight from Santa's Village. Please follow these 3 easy steps to receive your personalized video:

    STEP 1 Open the Portable North Pole tag that comes with any of our products
    STEP 2 Download the free Portable North Pole app (link to iOS and Google) and follow the instructions in the tag
    STEP 3 Receive your custom video to share with your little one.

    Click HERE for how to find your code.

    We also have a video showing the steps above.

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  • I lost my code, what can I do?

    If you've lost the code from your toy, the elves will be happy to help. Please let us know HERE, and have following information ready:

    1. The location you purchased your toy at. (or if it was a gift)
    2. A photo of your toy with the receipt of purchase, if possible.

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  • How do I create my toy video?

    You only need to unlock your toy video once.  After that, you can create personalized versions of this video as many times as you want.

    To unlock and create your special toy video on the website, follow these steps:
    1. To create a toy video, all you need to do is find your toy in our Toys & Gifts section HERE.
    2. You'll see an option called 'Personalize your toy's video now!'. Clicking on this will let you enter your toy code.
    3. Once you've done this, the video for your toy will be unlocked in the Video store, and you can make it as many times as you'd like!

    On the PNP mobile app, follow these steps:
    1. Open the app and log into your account in the Parents Corner.
    2. Click on the Special Code section.
    3. Enter your special code from the tag on your toy. You will be redirected to the Video section with your video ready to be created (you may need to scroll to find it).

    We also have a video showing the steps above.

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