Kids Corner (PNP Mobile App only)

  • What is in the Kids Corner in the mobile app?

    This is every elf's favorite section!

    The Kids Corner has 7 neat sections that are safe for your child to explore:

    1. Santa's Messages: Your child can watch the personalized videos you've created for them.

    NOTE: Back in the Parents Corner, choose a video in My Creations and then select Visible in the Kids' Corner.

    2. Singing Lessons: Sing along with Mrs. Claus
    3. Stories read by Mrs. Claus
    4. Dancing game: Can you keep up with the elves' moves?
    5. Bedtime stories read by Santa
    6. Advent Calendar: (Magic Pass needed) each day leading to Christmas your child will get a new magic moment video by opening the day's door.
    7. Memory Game: Your child can test and train their memory skills.

    Unlock everything with a Magic Pass or Magic Pass+!

    Access to the Parents Corner is protected by a parental code, which prevents the child from discovering the making behind the magic!

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  • How do I make sure my child cannot access the Parents corner?

    When you first install the PNP app you will be asked to create a 4 digit Parental code.

    This code will be needed every time you want to go from the Kid's Corner to the Parent's corner, so make sure that your child cannot guess the code.

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