PNP Partners

  • Kinder Advent Calendar (Italy)

    PNP and Kinder are so excited to be partnering up this Christmas season! With every purchase of a Kinder Advent Calendar, you'll get access to a series of 4 exclusive Kinder video messages from Santa! Enjoy more magic!

    Scan the QR code located on the back of your Kinder Advent Calendar to create your exclusive Kinder personalised video message from Santa!

    Already have your Kinder Advent Calendar? Click the button below for instructions!


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  • PNP and Cherry Hill Programs (US)

    This Christmas season, PNP is partnering with our friends at Cherry Hill Programs to deliver two exclusive gifts when they book their photo experience with Santa! 

    Before your visit with Santa, get a personalized phone call from him! After your visit, you’ll receive a special personalized video from Santa where he will share how happy he was to see you.

    Both your video and phone call are 100% shareable so you can share with family and friends!


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  • Santa’s Scene to Believe (AU)

    This Christmas, PNP has created two unique gifts exclusively from Santa for customers from our good friends @scenetobelieve.

    Go get your photos taken with Santa from a distance at the Shopping Center, and get a special call from Santa before your visit, and a personalised video after!

    Both your video and phone call are 100% shareable so you can share them with your family and friends.



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  • Sealed by Santa

    When purchasing a PNP letter kit, you get an exclusive video message from Santa about sending your child's letter!

    Along with any other SBS letter purchase, you will receive an unlimited access to our trial videos!

    To redeem your code, just click on Special Code at the bottom of the page, or if you are using the app, select the Menu drop down and click on Redeem gift card or code.

    Look for your special code in your purchase confirmation email from Sealed by Santa.

    Click on the link below to get your own letter kit!
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