The Unlimited Passes

  • What are the Unlimited Passes?

    The Magic Pass is a subscription that offers the same benefits as the Video Pass and also includes:

    - Choice of your own adventure videos.

    - Multi-device scenarios (call included in the video)

    - Unlimited calls and video calls - Downloads of all Santa's videos in 1080p HD

    - Extras in the Kid's Corner

    - All Premium personalized video messages, old and new, can be viewed online as long as your Pass is active.

    The Magic Pass+ gives you everything the Magic Pass offers and lasts for 10 years.

    The Download Pass allows you to download your videos from the "Free" section before they expire.

    The Dance Pass unlocks all the different dances in the Dancing Elf game on the PNP mobile app.

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  • What is the Gift Pass?

    The Gift Pass gives you unlimited access to the Christmas Eve video addressing one person, plus the personalized Interactive Gift Tag, where you can print out a scannable gift tag that will show a video message from Santa delivering your gift in your home!


    Does the Gift Pass give me unlimited access to all PNP Premium content?

    No. To get unlimited access to all PNP Premium content, you need to subscribe to the Magic Pass or the Magic Pass+.

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  • Black Friday Magic Pass deal

    What is the 2022 Black Friday Magic Pass deal?


    This year, you can save big on your Magic Pass with our Black Friday deal!


    Discover the Black Friday Offer

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  • How do subscriptions on the PNP website work?

    Subscriptions and purchases on the PNP website are managed through Paypal as a service provider.

    You can see the status of your subscription in your Billing history, and make changes to it in your My account section. Find both of these sections by selecting your name in the top right of the page.

    If you made your purchase through your own Paypal account, you can find the instructions for managing your purchases and subscriptions through your Paypal account HERE.

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  • How do subscriptions on the PNP mobile app work?

    Subscriptions and purchases on the PNP mobile app are managed through the app store of your device provider.

    If you want to see the status of your subscription, or make any updates, select which app store you made the purchase through:

    Google Play

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  • What is the Dance Pass?

    The Dance Pass unlocks all of the extra dances in the Elves Dancing game on the PNP mobile app. This is a great option if you want to unlock the dances but not purchase a Magic Pass.

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Billing and Checkout

  • How do I redeem a promo code or a voucher?

    Watch a quick video guide here


    On the PNP website:

    1. Go to https://www.portablenorthpole.com/coupon-code 
    2. If you already have a PNP account, log in. If you do not, select "Log in" at the top of the screen and follow the steps to create an account.
    3. Enter your voucher code and select Submit.

    On the PNP Android mobile app:

    1. Go to the Parents corner.
    2. Select the settings button in the top corner.
    3. If you already have a PNP account, sign in. If you do not, select “Sign up” at the top of the menu and follow the steps to create an account.
    4. In the settings, select “Redeem gift card or code”.
    5. Enter your voucher code and select "Submit".


    If you are using the iTunes app the code option is not available, but you can access the PNP website on your mobile browser and follow the website instructions.


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  • Why can't I complete my order?

    Only Visa or MasterCard credit cards, a valid PayPal account, or the PayPal Guest pay options are accepted. No other payment cards such as Visa Debit, American Express, Discovery card or other methods will work.

    If you're unable to complete your payment with one of these options, please try again with another payment method if you can. Otherwise, please contact your bank or PayPal to verify that there are no issues with your payment method.

    If you are trying to complete an order using a valid payment method, contact the elves HERE and describe the issue. The elves are happy to be of assistance!

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  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    On the PNP website, the methods accepted are credit card (VISA, MasterCard) and Paypal.

    NOTE: PayPal is a recognized online payment service. All data supplied to PayPal is securely encrypted. If you choose to pay via PayPal, you will be offered additional options (if you create a new PayPal account).
    Options include bank account payments and additional credit cards, depending on your location.

    On the PNP mobile app, payment is made through the iTunes App Store, the Google Play store, the Huawei AppGallery, or the Amazon Appstore.


    Can we do better? Let us know how here.

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  • How do I purchase a Magic Pass through the mobile app?

    In the Parents Corner, open the Videos or Calls sections and select Get One or Get All at the top of the page.

    Select which offer you would like to purchase, and follow the onscreen prompts provided by iTunes, Google Play, Huawei, or Amazon to confirm your purchase.

    Your purchase will be applied to your account and you can start personalizing videos and/or calls!

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  • Product Life Cycle - How long do the video messages remain available in my account?

    Every PNP item on your account is displayed under the year it was created in the My Creations section. Videos from a previous year can be watched with an active Magic Pass or Magic Pass+.

    If you have an active Magic Pass, Magic Pass+, or Download Pass you may also download your video and save your videos before your pass expires. 

    Product lifecycle rules are described HERE.


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  • How to re-enable your PNP subscription

    iTunes' instructions can be found HERE
    Google's instructions can be found in the "Restart or re-subscribe to a subscription" section of THIS PAGE 


    If your subscription was bought on the PNP website, you can re-enable the auto renewal in the same place you turned it off:
    1. Log in to your PNP account on the website
    2. Go to My Account
    3. At the bottom of the page, click the button to renew your subscription

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