• How do I share my personalized video message?

    It's easy to share your Santa Video by using the Share option in My Creations.

    1. Open the website/app
    2. Go to “My Creations”
    3. Under the video message you’d like to share, you will see the option “Share”.
    4. Pick how you want to share your video!

    Here's a quick video on the topic: LINK

    This option allows you to share your video with all your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, or by sending a link via email. On the mobile app, you can use the same option to share a link to your video on any applicable application you have installed on your device.

    Remember that you need to choose to send the video to the recipient to keep it spoiler-free!


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  • How do I make sure I receive email notifications from PNP regarding my personalized video messages?

    If you're expecting an email from PNP but haven't received it yet, start by looking in your spam or junk folder. Your email service may not recognize PNP's email address and mark it as spam. If so, tell your email reader application "this is not spam" by adding PNP's email address to your list of contacts or list of secure/verified senders or by clicking the "this is not spam" or "this is not junk" button.

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  • How do I view video messages that friends have sent me?

    This is an easy one! You can view video messages from friends by simply clicking the link they shared with you via email or text message.

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  • How do I add my personalized video message to YouTube?

    To share your Santa Video on YouTube, you will need to save it to your device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) beforehand by downloading it. This option is only available to Magic Pass holders.

    To upload your Santa Video to YouTube:
    1. Go to My Creations > My Videos.
    2. Near the Santa Video thumbnail, click Download.
    3. Once the file is on your local device, you can upload it to your YouTube account by following the instructions provided by YouTube.

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  • How do I share a video to the kids corner on the PNP mobile app?

    First you need to find the video in My Creations. Open the video page and you should see sharing options at the top of the screen.

    On this page you will find the option to toggle Visible in the kids corner, which will make the video show up for the little ones.

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  • Who sent me a PNP video and how do I view it safely?

    To keep all of our user's data safe, it is impossible to identify the sender of a Santa Video, even if the sender were asked to complete a field to this effect. The elves are aware of the possibility of malicious activity via erroneous video notifications; therefore, as a precautionary measure, the Invengineers offer the following recommendations:

    1. When in doubt about the source of an email, do not open it. If you do, do NOT click any links it contains.
    2. The person who sent the video is usually identifiable; for example, their name would appear in the subject line. So, if the subject line is impersonal and you do not recognize the sender, proceed with caution.
    3. If you believe you have received a fraudulent email claiming to originate from PNP, use the Report Abuse button displayed at the top right of the video player to send it to Customer Support. The elves use this info to fight spam and phishing attempts.

    Other recommendations for preventative measures:
    1. Make sure you always use the latest version of your browser so it can flag malicious websites.
    2. Add PNP's email address to your list of senders so that you only receive video messages meant for you.
    NOTE: This does not guarantee that you will never receive any hoax videos.

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  • Why hasn’t the recipient received an email notification about the Santa Video I shared with them?

    Often, this is caused by a typing error in your recipient's email. Please double check your recipient's email address.

    If you know that your recipient's email was correctly entered, the email may have been marked as spam by your recipient’s email server. If this is the case, the email might be in their spam or junk folder. Advise them to add PNP to their authorized senders using the instructions HERE.

    As the video message creator, you should have received an email confirming the creation of your video with a link to the file. Should either of these solutions fail, you can also forward this email to the recipient directly.


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