Santa's Extras and Bonuses

  • What is the Santa approved Nice List Certificate?

    The PNP printable Santa-Approved Nice List Certificate rewards your child's good behavior throughout the year by acting as physical proof that they have made it onto Santa's Nice list!

    The rare certificates are only available with the purchase of a Magic Pass during PNP's exclusive early season offer. To download them, find the recipient you want a certificate for in My recipients, and select the certificate image/button.

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  • Sporting event video

    What is the special sporting event video?

    The special sporting event video is a free video that allows you to share the fun, excitement, and ups (and downs!) of being a sports fan!


    Is this a free video?

    Yes! You can create and personalize the special sporting event video and share it with friends and family for free.


    Create your free special sporting event video!

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  • Santa's Interactive Gift Tag

    What is the Interactive Gift Tag?

    The Interactive Gift Tag is an all-new feature that allows Magic Pass subscribers to bring the magic of Santa to their gift exchanges!

    It's a simple and exciting way to share a personalized video from Santa with your loved ones.


    Do I need a Magic Pass to create an Interactive Gift Tag?

    Yes, the Interactive Gift Tag can only be created with a current Magic Pass subscription.


    How does it work?

    1. Create your message like any other PNP video
    2. In My Creations, find the video and select to download and print your unique gift tag
    3. Cut out your desired gift tag style and attach it to the gift
    4. Scan the QR code on the gift tag and watch your video on Christmas morning

    Find out more about creating your Interactive Gift Tag HERE!




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  • What is the Activities section and what can I do there?

    This section is where you can find extra downloadable activities from PNP, all year round. Keep an eye out for new activities around different themes and holidays.

    On the PNP Website, the Activities section can be found in the dropdown menu when you click your name in the right hand corner.

    On the PNP App you can find the Activities section in the settings menu from the top menu bar of the Parents Corner.

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  • How do I download my Santa-Approved PNP Certificate?

    You can follow these steps to download the Santa approved Nice List Certificate!

    1. Click on your name at the top of the website, or the menu dropdown on the PNP mobile app and open the My recipients section.
    2. On the recipient's tile, click Download Certificate. Your certificate should appear in your downloads folder, and you can print it directly from there.

    Please note you must have a Magic Pass (or Magic Pass+) to have access to the certificate.

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