Santa Calls

Santa Calls

  • What is a Santa Call?

    A Santa Call is a personalized message that a recipient receives through a landline or cellphone number in real time. They can be placed in over 170 countries around the world (see available country list HERE)!

    In the Call section, find over 40 scenarios from different categories, such as Congratulations, Encouragement, Night before Christmas, Birthday, and more. A Santa Call can only be placed once it has been personalized and saved in My Creations under the Calls tab. Once the calls have been personalized, they will remain in your account for 30 days.

    NOTE: If you do not place the call within 30 days, it will automatically be removed from your account.

    When you place a call, you will be asked to enter a valid phone number. On the receiving end, the recipient (or you, if you use your own phone number and answer yourself) must press 1 to listen to Santa's message. You will have a maximum of 3 attempts to complete the call, which are used up if:
    - If the recipient does not answer the call.
    - If the recipient, or their voice message service, answers but does not press 1 (the call will be ended and one call attempt will have been used.)

    If all 3 attempts are used up, the call cannot be attempted again, so be sure that the recipient knows that a call is coming.

    NOTE: The caller will not be charged long distance fees, but we cannot guarantee the recipient will not be charged, as any additional fees depend on the recipient's phone plan (e.g. roaming or long distance fees).


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  • Can I listen to my personalized call before placing it?

    Absolutely! We recommend that you always listen to your calls before placing them.

    On the PNP website:
    1. On the My Creations page, open the Calls section.
    2. Click the Listen icon next to your call thumbnail.

    On the PNP mobile app:
    1. In the My Creations section, open the Calls section.
    2. Select the call that you want to listen to.
    3. Select the play button to listen to the call.

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  • What happens if the recipient is unable to answer my call?

    You should always ensure that your recipient is ready to pick up the phone by either letting them know ahead of time that a call is on the way, or knowing that they are available. Once the call is answered, the recipient must press 1 to connect to Santa following the elf's invitation.

    If the recipient does not press 1, or if their voicemail service picks up for them, this will use up 1 of 3 attempts you have to place the call.

    NOTE: If you schedule a call, the time zone used is your current time zone.

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  • In which countries can Santa Calls be placed?

    Here is a list of countries and area codes that Santa Calls can be placed to:

    Country Phone code
    AX Åland Islands 358
    DZ Algeria 213
    AD Andorra 376
    AO Angola 244
    AI Anguilla 1-264
    AG Antigua and Barbuda 1-268
    AR Argentina 54
    AM Armenia 374
    AW Aruba 297
    AU Australia 61
    AT Austria 43
    AZ Azerbaidjan 994
    BS Bahamas 1-242
    BH Bahrain 973
    BD Bangladesh 880
    BB Barbados 1-246
    BE Belgium 32
    BZ Belize 501
    BJ Benin 229
    BM Bermuda 1-441
    BT Bhutan 975
    BO Bolivia 591
    BR Brazil 55
    BF Burkina Faso 226
    BI Burundi 257
    KH Cambodia 855
    CM Cameroon 237
    CA Canada 1
    KY Cayman Islands 1-345
    CL Chile 56
    CX Christmas Island 61
    CC Cocos Island 61
    CO Colombia 57
    CR Costa Rica 506
    HR Croatia 385
    CY Cyprus 357
    CZ Czech Republic 420
    DK Denmark 45
    DM Dominica 1-787
    DO Dominican Republic 1-809
    EC Ecuador 593
    EG Egypt 20
    SV El Salvador 503
    UK England 44
    GQ Equatorial Guinea 240
    EE Estonia 372
    FO Faroe Islands 298
    FI Finland 358
    FR France 33
    GA Gabon 241
    GE Georgia 995
    DE Germany 49
    GH Ghana 233
    GI Gibraltar 350
    GR Greece 30
    GD Grenada 1-473
    GP Guadeloupe 590
    GU Guam 1-671
    GT Guatemala 502
    GG Guernsey 44
    GN Guinea 224
    GY Guyana 592
    HT Haiti 509
    HI Hawaii 1
    HN Honduras 504
    HK Hong Kong 852
    HU Hungary 36
    IS Iceland 354
    IN India 91
    ID Indonesia 62
    IR Iran 98
    IQ Iraq 964
    IE Ireland 353
    IM Isle of Man 44
    IL Israel 972
    IT Italy 39
    CI Ivory Coast 225
    JM Jamaica 1-876
    JP Japan 81
    JE Jersey 44
    JO Jordan 962
    KE Kenya 254
    KW Kuwait 965
    KG Kyrgyzstan 996
    LA Laos 856
    LB Lebanon 961
    LI Liechtenstein 423
    LT Lithuania 370
    LU Luxembourg 352
    MO Macau 853
    MW Malawi 265
    MY Malaysia 60
    ML Mali 223
    MT Malta 356
    MR Mauritania 222
    MU Mauritius 230
    MX Mexico 52
    FM Micronesia 691
    MD Moldova 373
    MC Monaco 377
    MN Mongolia 976
    MS Montserrat 1-664
    MA Morocco 212
    MZ Mozambique 258
    NP Nepal 977
    NL Netherlands 31
    AN Netherlands Antilles 599
    NC New Caledonia 687
    NZ New Zealand 64
    NI Nicaragua 505
    NE Niger 227
    NG Nigeria 234
    NO Norway 47
    OM Oman 968
    PK Pakistan 92
    PA Panama 507
    PY Paraguay 595
    PE Peru 51
    PH Philippines 63
    PL Poland 48
    PF Polynesia 689
    PT Portugal 351
    PR Puerto Rico 1-787
    QA Qatar 974
    RE Reunion 262
    RO Romania 40
    RU Russia 7
    RW Rwanda 250
    LC Saint Lucia 1-758
    PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon 508
    VC Saint Vincent & Grenadines 1-784
    SM San Marino 378
    SA Saudi Arabia 966
    SCT Scotland 44
    SN Senegal 221
    RS Serbia 381
    SC Seychelles 248
    SG Singapore 65
    SK Slovakia 421
    ZA South Africa 27
    KR South Korea 82
    ES Spain 34
    LK Sri Lanka 94
    SD Sudan 249
    SR Suriname 597
    SZ Swaziland 268
    SE Sweden 46
    CH Switzerland 41
    SY Syria 963
    TJ Tadjikistan 992
    TW Taiwan 886
    TZ Tanzania 255
    TH Thailand 66
    TT Trinidad and Tobago 1868
    TR Turkey 90
    TM Turkmenistan 993
    TC Turks and Caicos 1-649
    UG Uganda 256
    UA Ukraine 380
    AE United Arab Emirates 971
    GB United Kingdom 44
    US United States 1
    UY Uruguay 598
    UZ Uzbekistan 998
    VA Vatican City State 379
    VE Venezuela 58
    VN Vietnam 84
    VG Virgin Islands British 1-284
    VI Virgin Islands USA 1-340
    WLS Wales 44
    YE Yemen 967
    ZM Zambia 260
    ZW Zimbabwe 263

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  • Why is my country or area code not available to be called?

    While Santa does his best to call all around the world, unfortunately, there are certain countries or specific area codes which he cannot reach.

    Click HERE to consult the list of available countries.

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  • I'm having troubles placing calls to Mexico, Argentina, or Brazil.

    We are aware of some difficulty in placing calls to certain areas. Some additions may be needed when entering the phone number in an international format.

    Calling a cell phone from outside of Mexico: Please add a 1 before the area code (e.g.: +52-1-624-166-6887).
    Calling a cell phone from within Mexico: Please add 044 or 045, then the area code, then the number.

    Argentina: Please add a 9 before the area code for calls to cell phones in Argentina.

    Brazil: Please be sure to include the 2 digit area code before the 8 digit phone number.

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